Hello World!

This is my first post on this blog, or any blog, so I thought I’d do a brief introduction and set out my aims. My name is Ben and I work as a software developer based in the UK. I recently started a small project to write a web app I could use to learn a bit of French. I use java in my day job so I was looking to try out some different frameworks that may be of use at work. (Spring, hibernate, that kind of thing)

As a programmer you’re constantly solving small problems but once you get something working it’s all too easy to move on and forget. Even with version control systems it’s not always easy to find solutions from the past. If the codebase is large you have to remember what to search on, sometimes you can’t even access the code any more. My aim then is to document these solutions so I have a record to refer back to. I decided to document this as a blog so that others could potentially read and use the same solutions.

I’ve decided not to call this a java blog specifically because I may end up blogging about other languages or tools I come across.




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